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How To Convert Fonts / Text To Curves / Outlines In Coreldraw

How To Convert Fonts / Text To Curves / Outlines In Coreldraw


To prevent your fonts from shifting when you send your file to print, you want to convert any editable type to outlines. Doing this in CorelDRAW is pretty similar to other programs but follow along and learn.


First, select all the type in your file. Go to the top menu under Arrange, select Convert to Curves.


You can also achieve this by right clicking the object and selecting Convert to Curves in that menu.


And that's it! You've successfully converted your type to outlines. You can now send your file to print without fear of the font shifting.

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Dr Aamna - December 28, 2022

There should be a like button even here in websites , so that we can show gratitude.

David Bosse - January 7, 2022

Thanks for helping out. Your video was concise which I love. No long intros, no rabbit trails. I am considering Corel Draw over Adobe, as I do not use graphics but for a few small projects, so I was looking for a more cost effective solution.

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