16PT Cards with High Gloss UV Coating (Canadian Version)

Here is an example of Clubcard’s 16 point coated cardstock with high Gloss UV coating available on our offset print runs. When we say a card is 16 points it means the card is 16/1000 of an inch thick; as a reference most cards are printed on a 12 to 16 point card-stock.

You can see this card has a high gloss shiny finish which is due to the high gloss UV coating that is applied after the soy inks are printed on the coated cardstock. High gloss UV coating is a clear liquid that is dried by an ultra violet light at the end of the printing process on press. This coating gives a high gloss finish to the card stock while also enhancing and enriching colours so they pop more than they would on a matte aqueous coated card.

Please be sure to click on the “File Preparation” tab for notes on the best practices and standards for designing your cards. We also have a live chat available during business hours where you can get expert advice from one of our project managers. You can also check out Clubcard.TV to watch our free graphic design tutorials that walk you through the design and set-up process for all of our products.

We are happy to send you a free sample pack so you can see our stocks for yourself, just click on the request samples link below this video and we will have your sample pack in the mail right away.

When you’re ready to print your project at Clubcard just use the calculators on each page to configure your order then click add to cart and follow the simple step by step process that will allow you to upload your artwork, arrange for pick-up or shipping and securely pay for your order.

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