Cardstock Choices for Digital Printing - Canada

When you’ve decided to digitally print your cards at Clubcard you will have 4 card stocks to choose from.

The most popular and most rigid stock is the 12 Point Coated 2 sides stock, its recommended for the closest colour match to CMYK full colour. When we say a stock is coated this simply means the stock itself has a smooth coated finish, this should not be confused with the low lustre or high gloss finish coatings available on our offset printed cards.

We also offer a12 point Coated 1 side stock, which allows for the best reproduction of full colour images on the coated side with the ability to write on the uncoated side.

We also have 2 recycled, 100% post consumer waste content cards available for digital printing. Choose from our 13 point Bright white uncoated tree free card stock or our 13 point natural cream uncoated tree free card stock. Do consider that when you print on an uncoated or off white paper your colours will appear more muted than colours printed on our coated card stocks.

Digital printing is ideal for small quantity projects or those needed in 2-3 days or a even few hours. We will use CMYK full colour dry toner and an industrial grade laser printing press instead of the wet inks and large traditional printing press used in offset printing. Because we are not using wet inks in the digital print process we do not recommend printing cards with areas of solid coverage, gradients or small micro-text.

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