Clubcard Printing Paper Stock Choices for Digital Printing - Canada

When you’ve decided to digitally print your project at Clubcard you will have 4 paper stocks to choose from.

The most popular and cost effective stock is our 24# bond paper, this paper has a smooth white surface and is very much like the laser paper used in offices and is recommended for good colour on fliers, posters and promotional materials.

We also offer an 80# gloss paper which is heavier and brighter than the 24# bond and is ideal for colour that pops on higher end posters and promotional materials. This paper is smooth and has a good sheen to it but is not high gloss.

We also have 2 recycled, 100% post consumer waste content papers available for digital printing.

First is our 80# uncoated white tree free stock for a classic heavy uncoated paper. Do consider that colours on this uncoated paper will appear more muted than colours printed on our 24# bond or 80# gloss papers.

We also have an 80# Natural kraft tree free stock which offers a great artisanal look and feel for your projects. Please keep in mind that when you print on this paper your colour will appear darker as it takes on the kraft brown colour of the paper.

Digital printing is ideal for small quantity projects or those needed in 2-3 days or a even few hours. We will use CMYK full colour dry toner and an industrial grade laser printing press instead of the wet inks and large traditional printing press used in offset printing. Because we are not using wet inks in the digital print process we do not recommend printing cards with areas of solid coverage, gradients or small micro-text.

Please be sure to click on the “File Preparation” tab for notes on the best practices and standards for designing your cards. We also have a live chat available during business hours where you can get expert advice from one of our project managers on our website. You can also check out Clubcard.TV to watch our free graphic design tutorials that walk you through the design and set-up process for our products.

We are happy to send you a free sample pack so you can see our stocks for yourself, just click on the request samples link at and we will have your sample pack in the mail right away.

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