Custom Book Printing At Clubcard Printing Vancouver Canada, How Books Are Made

Custom Full Colour Booklets Digitally Printed in 3-4 Business Days. Custom booklets are printed, assembled and stitched in-house at Clubcard, providing you with more options to customize your promotional materials. You have the option to customize the size of your booklet, giving you an edge over your competition and greater flexibility with your creativity.

Custom booklets can have full bleeds on all pages including the cover. We offer 5 different card stocks for the cover of your custom booklet, including 100% recycled card stock options, giving your booklets a more unique, polished and professional look.

Clubcard Printing can print your custom sized full colour booklets with the following page counts:

8 Page Booklets
12 Page Booklets
16 Page Booklets
20 Page Booklets
24 Page Booklets
28 Page Booklets
32 Page Booklets
36 Page Booklets
40 Page Booklets

Multi-page booklets are a powerful sales too that allow your customers to view and have constant access to your products and services. Be creative! Your full colour booklets can be journals, newsletters, directories, photo albums or calendars.

New Digital Printing Technology Saves the Environment and Money. At Clubcard Printing we have taken the art of digital printing above and beyond the level of our competitors by embracing the newest and greenest digital printing technology. Unlike other digital presses our new 901s uses no liquid chemicals to print and does not require coolants or a dedicated water supply that re-enters the water eco-system.

Whats even more amazing is all of this green technology means we can operate our new press at a lower overall cost than shops running similar technology. We're sure our new print capabilities will impress the tree-hugger, accountant and marketing genius in you.

Free Digitally Printed Proof. With every digitally printed job, we carry out a complete pre-press file check in our production department to ensure your file is print-ready and will print as expected. We then offer one free colour press proof that is printed on the same stock your job will be printed on. We want you to be completely satisfied with your job and this is one more way we can help ensure your project is perfect. Be sure to select the free printed proof option when you place your order.

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