Embossed and Foil Stamped Business Cards On 16PT Cardstock (USA Version)

Here is an example of an embossed business card printed on Clubcard’s 16 point coated cardstock available on our offset print runs. When we say a card is 16 points this means the card is 16/1000 of an inch thick - as a reference most cards are printed on a 12 to16 point card-stock.

Embossing is a term used by printers to refer to a process of impressing a shape supplied by the client into a printed product. Embossing adds a three-dimensional image to a printed product that entices the sense of touch and directs the recipients attention to the detail selected. The very affordable prices we list reflect custom embossed cards with a basic shape, if you require an embossed shape that is deemed to be complicated or intricate, the price may increase based on complexity.

Clubcard’s embossed business cards are printed at 200 linescreen using CMYK soy inks for excellent high quality reproduction of photographs and artwork. This example has a low luster matte aqueous coating with silver foil - you have options to choose one of 12 foil colours, a High Gloss UV or a low lustre matte aqueous coating like we’ve used here. We also offer silk laminated embossed business cards with gloss silver or gloss gold foil.

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