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Welcome to Here's a step to step guide on how to place your order online.

Login / Registration - You will be prompted at some point while ordering to login or create a registration. It's quick and easy, it will only take 2 minutes of your time.

Login or Register

Please fill in the information on either the left hand side for logging in or on the right hand side if you are a new client. If a different employee from your company has ordered from us before and you don't have the login information that the previous employee had made, please create a new one. This way, the email you entered in for your account will receive updates throughout your whole order.

After you have logged in, it will send you back to our main page. If you have created a registration it will notify you that you have created an account successfully.

At this point you can scroll through our products drop down menu and select the type of printing that fits you. If you have been in contact with one of our project managers via email, and they have provided you with a link to order through our site, click the link. The link that our product managers will send you to the specific product site with the proper fields changed to what you have requested.

As an example, we will go with our most commonly ordered product: business cards.

Choose a Product

Once you click on the final menu type, it will lead you to it's specific product site.

Please review the quoting system to the right hand side of the page. It will look like this:

Configure your Product

Click on each field you'd like to change to what fits you.The price below in orange will adjust, letting you know before you click "add to cart" what your price before taxes and shipping will be". Once you are ready to proceed, click the "add to cart".
*note for corner rounding: If you do not select the amount of corners you'd like rounded and only the corner radius you'd like, the price will not adjust to the correct pricing.
*note: if you are selecting perforation and/or hole drilling please either indicate in comments in the next section where the perforation and/or hole drilling is if it is not clearly indicated in your artwork files.
*note: email quote only sends the exact same information you see on our site directly to your email. This does not add to cart, or places an order.

After you hit add to cart, the site will lead you to uploading your artwork and/or information.

Upload Your Artwork

If you have created files, please click browse > select the files you'd like to print > click Upload and wait until it hits 100%. Please add any comments you'd like to the right hand side.

If you are reordering and have checked with our project managers that we still have your file, click the upload later button that is below the upload box. This will automatically send you to the order checkout section of the site.

If you have ordered design time, please upload logos and other artwork parts you'd like to include in your design. Be sure to include a thorough description of what you'd like done - name and information changes, design direction and layout, etc. The more information, the better.

After you've hit continue or upload later, the site leads you to the order checkout section.

Check Out

If you have clicked upload later, please click the "comments" button, and enter in information such as:
1. previous order number
2. if there are any design changes to be made
3. if there is any information that needs to be changes
After you have checked over your details, click checkout.
It will lead you to billing information.

Billing Information

If you have not ordered before, you will not see the saved billing addresses that have the buttons "bill to this address/ ship to this address". Instead, you will have to fill out each field.
If you have ordered before, you will see saved billing and shipping addresses. Click "bill to this address" if it is correct and it will auto-full your information. If you have a new billing address, simply fill out a the fields.
If you are collecting at our clubcard shop, for shipping click "Collect at this address" and it will auto-fill our shop address for pick up.

Click "continue."

The next step is selecting shipping.

Shipping is optional.

Choose Shipping Method

Choose your shipping method, and proceed to the "confirm order" button.

*note: Credit/Debit cards are not yet accepted through our site.

Once your submit your information, your ordering process has been completed! You will be emailed a summary of your order as well as a finalized pdf invoice created by us truly.

Thanks again! We will be in contact with you throughout your whole order. Please email us or call us at 604-801-6364 if you have any questions or concerns.

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