Letterpress Business Card Printing at Clubcard

Letterpress Printing At Clubcard
Letterpress printing refers to a technique of printing that creates an impression in the paper leaving a tactile feeling of depth. Invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, letterpress printing ranks as one of the most revolutionary disruptive technologies in history and became the standard form of printing used until the introduction of offset presses in the 19th century. At Clubcard we are proud to be part of the revival of this beautiful art form continuing the age old printing traditional with a modern twist.

Lettra 100% Cotton
Cotton paper is highly attractive, irresistible to the eye and soft to the touch. Lettra card stock is engineered for letterpress, made of 100% recovered cotton fiber and contains no wood pulp. Strong and luxurious, Lettra feels supple, receptive to a deep impression whether you are debossing, embossing or foil stamping. Ideal for the luxury of letterpress.

Check Out All of our Letterpress Card Stocks:

Lettra 21pt - One -sided printing only. Considered light, its great for embossing.

Lettra 42pt
Lettra 42pt - A letterpress standard. Fantastic deep crisp impressions.

Ahlstrom 60pt
Ahlstrom 60pt - Extra bulky coaster stock. Very fibrous and extra deep impressions.

            Black 50pt
All Black 50pt - Truly a solid black card stock. Say goodbye to white edges.

Custom Ink Colors Are The Standard
Match any Pantone colour when printing your letterpress cards. When ordering, please make sure your file includes the Pantone or PMS colour for every ink colour involved in the printed piece.

Choose to use a foil instead of ink or use foils in combination with inks for your letterpress cards. Foiling presses an opaque film on the card stock. Because foils are 100% opaque, they allow for light colour foils on darker paper stocks. Foils lay directly on the surface of the card stock with either a flat (no impression) finish or debossed for a true letterpress feel.

Metallic Foils - Gold, Silver, Copper, Black, Red, Pink, Light Green,Green, Light Blue, Blue, Light Purple and Purple
Gloss Foils - White, Grey, Black, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown
Matte Foils - White, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple and Brown

Create an Impression
The depth of the debossing of your selected inks and/or foils will depend on the paper selected. Letterpress papers are soft but thick, made to leave an impression. At Clubcard we offer letterpress printing to produce crisp lines, patterns and typography in any custom pantone ink and standard matte, gloss and metallic foils. The letterpress printing process is an unforgiving craft requiring careful preparation and a high degree of precision to produce fine handmade cards. With this in mind, create your art knowing that debossed inks and foils can have a slight show-through on the reverse side. We will do our best to reduce (back off) the pressure but suggest you avoid print that backs up to art on the other side when printing on both sides. For best results we limit double sided printing to only our heaviest letterpress stocks.

Ink Finishing Options
All inks and foils on Lettra 21pt card stock can lay flat directly on the surface of the card stock, be raised with embossing or debossed into the paper.

Debossing - presses into the card stock leaving an impression.
Embossing - raises the card stock creating a raised relief.
Flat - leaves no impression.
Combo - debossing and embossing can be used in combination with flat inks, however we don't offer deboss and emboss finishes on the same card.

Edge Painting
Add distinction to your cards with a bold pop of colour with our edge painting option. Highlight an existing colour in your card design or introduce a new colour to the edges of your cards with any custom Pantone colour desired. You can choose this option with any of our letterpress card stocks, but the thicker the card stock, the more dramatic it will be. Just give us the custom Pantone colour number within your file or within the order comments when ordering.

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